Ballerina’s Reaction After Getting Skin-Matching Pointe Shoes is Priceless

Ballerina’s Reaction After Getting Skin-Matching Pointe Shoes is Priceless

Kira Robinson is an 18-year-old ballerina that’s breaking stereotypes about who can do ballet! Although the dance form has been dominated by White dancers for decades, it’s really hard to find ‘colorless’ clothes and accessories for Black dancers.
Robinson, however, filmed herself last month opening up about her first pair of colorless pointe shoes in a color that matches her skin! Although this might not seem like a huge achievement, it is!
She decided to share the video on TikTok, where it gained a lot of popularity.


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Check out the video that’s been viewed more than 1.5 million times for yourself below!

@kiraelonYAYAYAY i’ll show you guys how they look on later #fyp #CleanTok #blackballerina #blackgirl #dancer #pointe #pointeshoes #suffolk #VisionBoard #dance♬ original sound – kira <3

Robinson is clearly very excited in the video, as she explains how amazing it is to finally have ballet shoes that match her skin tone. She also told viewers that she previously had to cover her pointe shoes in foundation to make them match her skin tone.
She unboxed her new Suffolk shoes on camera, which replaced her old pink pointe shoes.

She was invited for an interview on Good Morning America after her video went viral, where she shared that she has been flooded with positive comments for her heartwarming video.

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