Beauty Influencer Tries To Defend Her Tough Job, People Don’t Seem To Agree

Beauty Influencer Tries To Defend Her Tough Job, People Don’t Seem To Agree

Amra Olević Reyes is a beauty and lifestyle personality with more than 5.8 million followers on Instagram. She is now taking a stand against the constant, what she’s dubbed, “influencer slander”.

The influencer from New York City told BuzzFeed News that she shared some of her thoughts on Twitter last week because she was “constantly seeing people bashing influencers”.

She said that other beauty and fashion professionals try to take down their job and make it seem less than. She noted that whether it’s professional makeup artists, hairstylists, or higher-up fashion representatives, many of them say things like “influencers don’t do anything”.

She decided to write a tweet in defense of influencers by calling out the people that criticize her and others, and she shared a brief list of “hybrid” duties of being a popular online influencer.

Many of her followers and fellow influencers endorsed her tweets and said that “it needed to be said”.

One YouTube said that they completely agree, and it’s like being a full-time YouTuber or a blogger. Even though it sounds fun, it’s a lot of work.

Many others, though, further challenged her.

One person tweeted that people go to school to get licensed for hairdressing or to be makeup artists, and a fellow blogger wrote that even though her job may be hard, many people have it harder.

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