Berlin Zoo Gay Penguins Adopt Abandoned Egg

Berlin Zoo Gay Penguins Adopt Abandoned Egg

Two male penguins have been looking after an abandoned egg for over a month now, hoping to become parents.
The penguins named Skipper and Ping live in the Berlin Zoo, and they have wanted to have a baby chick of their own for quite some time.

Maximilian Jäger told news outlet Berliner-Zeitung that the couple’s parental instincts have seen them try to hatch “fish and stones”, and the two male penguins behave like exemplary parents and warm the egg alternately.

The zookeeper told the news outlet that the two king penguins adopted the egg that was abandoned by the only female penguin in the zoo, and they are now warming it and incubating it until it hatches.

The penguin couple is now learning to keep the egg safe from other penguins.

The female penguin has shown little interest in her eggs, and the zoo hasn’t had a baby penguin since 2002.

The gay penguin couple is completely inseparable, but they are not the only gay penguin couple in the world.
As we had seen already, they are very common in the London Zoo, where the first-ever pride event for penguins was held in June.

Love is love people!


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