BFFs Have Chicken Wings And Beer Photoshoot To Celebrate Their 23-Year Friendiversary

BFFs Have Chicken Wings And Beer Photoshoot To Celebrate Their 23-Year Friendiversary

There are a lot of ways to celebrate your 23-year friendiversary with your BFF, but none of them compares to grabbing chicken wings from your favorite bar, having a cooler full of Michelob, and having a photoshoot together.

And yet, this is exactly what BFFs Samantha Clark and Christina Arthur did.
The longtime BFFs are both South Carolina moms and they decided to hire Breana Welch of Easy Breezy Photography to capture the essence of their friendship in a lovely photoshoot. Oh, and it had to include them chowing down on wings and shotgunning beers.

Arthur told Scary Mommy that their friendship dates all the way back to 1996, when the two were next-door neighbors as kids.
They stayed together through their teens, all the way to becoming grownups and having babies.

She said that Samantha moved in next door to her when they were about 6 or 7, and they have been best friends since day one. Clark adds that they just clicked with each other, and they became more than just friends. They’re much like family now. Her family includes Arthur, and Arthur’s family includes Clark.

They added that they pretty much did everything together, from having their ears pierced to playing softball together.

They have been there for each other through all these years, and their relationship also includes a lot of wings and beer along the way.

Arthur said they’ve always been beside each other for everything, including marriage, divorce, and having children. Their friendship grew so much that they’re like sisters, and they were even pregnant at the same time with their last ones.

They both agree that it’s truly a blessing to have such an amazing person in their lives, and they add that they will always have each other’s backs, through thick and thin, through rain or shine.


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