Bigot Woman Screams Insults At Lesbian Couple Who Was Kissing On The Subway

Bigot Woman Screams Insults At Lesbian Couple Who Was Kissing On The Subway

The moment when an incensed woman throws a number of insults and anti gay language at a lesbian couple on a packet subway train after she spotted them kissing has been caught on camera.

The incident was filmed in Barcelona by a woman named Carla Gallen who was shocked to receive the torrent of insults.

She wrote on social media that she and her partner suffered severe aggression on the underground because they’re gay, and the woman started insulting them because they were kissing.

The woman in the video even had a pram with a baby in it, and she called the lesbian couple “dykes” and “c***suckers”.

She approached the couple and asked what are they going to do with the video while holding a buggy in one hand.

The woman also refers to her own gay brother as a “f****” during her outburst, and shouts that gay people disgust her. However, she notes that her gay brother doesn’t kiss in front of people because he respects them.

When she heard the lesbian couple speaking Catalan, she started shouting again that they’re Catalan (apparently she hates Catalan people).

The lesbian couple asked her if she is also racist, and she said yes.

She also demanded the lesbian couple to “respect” her if they want her to respect them.

The angry woman even tried to grab the mobile phone and warned the lesbian couple to stop recording her, and announced to the carriage that they were recording her.

The woman’s outburst continued for some time before a male passenger stepped in and suggested that she should “express her opinion respectfully”.

The lesbian couple has since filed a complaint with the Catalan police, and they have informed the Public’s Prosecutor’s office of Hate and Discrimination about the case.

Daniel Berry, NYC

Wow. It’s a good thing they weren’t speaking English.

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