Biologist Teaches People How To Make Yeast At Home After Non Is Left In Supermarkets

Biologist Teaches People How To Make Yeast At Home After Non Is Left In Supermarkets

Millions of people are offering their time, efforts, and resources to help those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, and even though the pandemic has brought out the best of some people, it has also brought the worst in some.

Believe it or not, people continue to ridiculously hoard things, and one of the items people hoard on the most is yeast.
I can honestly admit that if I imagined that there would be a global pandemic in the world, the last thing that would come up on my mind that people would hoard on would be yeast. Nevertheless, it is what it is, and I bet you that you won’t be able to find yeast in your local store or a supermarket.

Biologist and yeast expert Sudeep Agarwala was surprised to see yeast being hoarded, so he decided to teach us all how to make yeast at home. He took it to Twitter to share a very simple and straightforward life-hack on how we can make bread at home, even if we don’t have the yeast to do it.
His recipe for yeast includes dried fruit, flour, and water. Check out his Twitter thread for yourself below:

So, what you should do is take some dried fruit, put it in a jar, and add 2-3 tablespoons of water. Stir it up a bit to see if it will become cloudy, and then add some flour to make loose, wet dough. According to Sudeep, old flour works best. Then what you should do is keep the mix warm: Not hot, not cold, but warm!
In 12 hours you should see bubbles, which are caused by the yeast inside the mix, and the paste should loosen up 24-48 hours later. Then what you should do is take a bit of the mix and add it to 30-40 milliliters of water. Add flour, repeat. This time around, the yeast should come to life, and the bubbles should appear faster.

Sudeep’s post received a lot of popularity on Twitter, and many people were thankful for his tips.


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