Blind Woman Told To Get Of Bus With Her Guide Dog Because It Was Black

Blind Woman Told To Get Of Bus With Her Guide Dog Because It Was Black

Guide dogs as trained assistance dogs for helping the blind and visually impaired people are pretty amazing creatures. They are of great importance to these people, helping them walk around, cross streets and avoiding obstacles.

However, there are always some ignorant people who seem to have a problem with everything.

Meghan Taylor, 22-year-old who is diagnosed with ‘episodic blindness’ was certainly not expecting what happened to her when she got on the bus with her guide dog, as she usually does.

Namely, a woman approached Meghan and asked: “Why is there a fucking dog on the bus? Get it off.” When Meghan explained that Rowley was her assistance dog, the lady called her a ‘liar’ saying that guide dogs are labradors who are ‘yellow’ and her dog is black. Wow.

Meghan shares that she politely tried to explain to the lady that assistance dogs can be of any color and don’t even have to be labradors even though Rowley was one. The woman was not having it telling her she’s wrong.

At this point, the 22-year-old did probably the smartest thing you really can do with people like this – she ignored her nonsense for the rest of the trip.

Meghan was diagnosed with episodic blindness ever since she suffered a complicated head injury when she was 15 which also caused other medical complications in her life like, balance impairment, hearing loss, and vertigo.

Rowley, a 2-year-old labrador, is Meghan’s second assistance dog which helps her with many of her daily activities such as doing laundry, undressing and even phones for help when Meghan falls unconscious due to her heart problems.

She adds that this isn’t the first time had troubles in public transport with people pushing her away, being spat on and called ‘another drunk’ when she loses consciousness.

Meghan wants to address people that assistance dogs can be of any color, shape, and size and they are of vital importance to people with disabilities just as much as a cane and a pair of glasses can be to other people.

Guide dogs are legally allowed to accompany their owner at any public places so the next time you see a person like Meghan and Rowley maybe try to help them out or at least be considerate to their needs. Spread the love people!


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