Breastfeeding Mother Had THE BEST Response When Told To Cover Up

Breastfeeding Mother Had THE BEST Response When Told To Cover Up

A stranger in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico approached a breastfeeding mother in a restaurant last month and demanded she ‘cover-up’. Even though he meant that she covers her breast, it’s not what the witty woman did.

Naturally, 34-year-old Melanie Dudley was annoyed by the pushy request so she decided to ‘misunderstand’ the man and threw a blanket on top of her head and face.

The photo was shared by Carol Lockwood from Honolulu, Hawaii and it has since gone viral. According to her, Melanie was told to ‘cover-up’ while feeding her baby, but what she actually did was awesome!

‘I’m SO over people shaming women for nursing!!!’ she added.

The man who Melanie had never met before told her to cover up even though it was very hot and humid outside.

We can see Melanie sitting outside at a half-empty restaurant and nursing her four-month-old baby in the picture, while one of her four-year-old twins sits nearby.

The woman clearly made her point when she put the blanket on her head! She explained that she was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas and the man asked her to cover herself while she was seated in the back of a restaurant with her family.

More than 180k people shared the post since, and there were thousands of comments. Most of the people supported Melanie and cheered her for what she did.

However, there were also critics who called for more ‘discretion’.

But what’s your opinion on the matter? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


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