Bride Asks For Refund After Wedding Photographer Shares ‘Black Lives Matter’ Support Message

Bride Asks For Refund After Wedding Photographer Shares ‘Black Lives Matter’ Support Message

Shakira Rochelle is a Cincinnati, Ohio based photographer who, like millions of other people, posted messages of support of the Black Lives Matter movement on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

However, it turns out that one bride-to-be who had hired her to photograph her wedding wasn’t a fan of the Black Lives Matter solidarity messages, and she demanded a refund from Shakira.

The bride sent a text to Shakira in which she requested a refund of their deposit because she and her husband-to-be “cannot bring themselves to support anyone who is so outspoken on matters that do not concern them and someone that doesn’t believe that ALL lives matter”.

According to the bride, she would be embarrassed (yes, she actually wrote that) to have Shakira at their wedding, as they believe that she’s not “stable enough” to complete the photography job.

The photographer shared a screenshot of the text she received with a friend, who later posted it on Twitter and went absolutely viral.

Thankfully, Shakira did not let one racist client take her down, and her clap back most certainly deserves praise.

The bride-to-be “threatened” that they would take this to their attorney, but that doesn’t seem to bother Shakira, especially after the whole internet stood by her side.

Many people left positive reviews on Shakira Rochelle’s Facebook Page and wrote that we need to help market this business, because she deserves all the praise. Numerous lawyers even offered their services for free if she ended up having to deal with this bride’s attorney, and this is what restored my faith in humanity today.


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