Bride Called Off Wedding After She Saw Her Fiance’s Browser Search History

Bride Called Off Wedding After She Saw Her Fiance’s Browser Search History

One of the most difficult things to adapt to while in a relationship is having different values, and it’s very hard to find a person that shares the exact same set of values. So, how do two strangers expect to share the exact same values on everything just because they fell in love with each other?

Well, a bride has called off her wedding after she felt she was “betrayed” by her husband-to-be, and some people believe that she’s overreacting.

Claire Dalton is a woman that wrote a post about the discovery she made on her husband-to-be’s phone that made their engagement a week before the wedding. It’s very important to note, though, that Claire is very religious.

If you’re not as religious as Claire, you might find this discovery a bit funny, but it is what it is.
Even though she didn’t explicitly state what the discovery was, it sounds by her post that her husband-to-be had some adult videos open on his phone. Yes, we know that this is definitely not a big deal, we believe that it is for someone like Clair, and you can read her post that she wrote for LoveWhatMatters below.

She noted that she was single as she was writing the article, and she noted that she’s THAT girl that spent 6 months with a ring on her finger thinking that she had finally found what she had been looking for. She believes that experiences like this must be talked about because keeping quiet only leaves deeper scars.

She expressed the thoughts and concerns that seemed to buzz through her mind to her fiance, but he assured her that all was well and that all would continue to be well. She writes that she trusted him, and she was thinking that she was just being paranoid with her own worries that were irrelevant and irrational. One day, though, she reached for his phone instead of hers, and it was then when she found it: The three words in his search bar that changed her entire view. It turns out that he had been searching for adult movies just hours ago.

Even though I can’t understand how deeply someone could be affected by something like this, Claire clearly was.

The phone fell out of her hands and hung up before she had a chance to say much more.

Claire wrote that ultimately her belief in the strength of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ helped her to claw back from such a horrifying discovery and find happiness again.

She ended up telling her 300 wedding guests that the wedding was called off, and she explained that she canceled it because he was some kind of pervert.

Most people in the comments, though, believed that she was in the wrong for canceling the wedding, and that her “discovery” was not a big deal. Claire, however, felt betrayed, and I can understand her decision. But what do you think? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.


He dodged a bullet lmao

Bottom line is that if she was upset and uncomfortable with it she did the correct thing. He maybe did not feel he was in the wrong however why did he hide it then? It matters not what others think and the decision needs to be made by the couple and no one else. I do also think she was very wrong in stating he was a pervert. That in my opinion is just as bad as him hiding the fact he was enjoying porn. If she was the true Christian she is trying to portray she would not have handled it that way. If people and family asked she should have told them it was an issue they could not compromise on. It really is not any of their business anyway. They just want to know so they can do as she did and pass judgment on him as well and degrade him.

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