Bride Forces Fiancé To Melt Down Engagement Ring She Doesn’t Like

Bride Forces Fiancé To Melt Down Engagement Ring She Doesn’t Like

Have you ever met the term bridezilla? It’s a term used when a bride goes completely lunatic about something, and very often complains on social media about it.
For example, remember the bride that demanded her friend to pay for another wedding because her pregnancy managed to “upstage her big day”?

As much as we don’t like it, bridezillas are everywhere, and the most recent one gained a lot of popularity on the internet for making her fiance to “melt down” the engagement ring he bought her.

Because her fiance thought that it would be cute to propose with a paw-shaped engagement ring since the two of them have a dog together. The bride was having none of it, so she forced him to melt it down.

Don’t believe us? She even posted about it on Facebook:

The opinions of people, however, were divided. While some thought that the only person that needs to be shamed here is the bride herself, others said that they would too make their fiance’s melt down the ring because they thought it was hideous.

What do you think? Would you ever tell your SO to “melt down” the ring just because you don’t like it, or you think one should appreciate the effort, time, and money someone spent to make something cute?


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