Celebrated Teacher Perfectly Explains Why She’s Quitting Her Job

Celebrated Teacher Perfectly Explains Why She’s Quitting Her Job

Many talented and dedicated teachers are leaving public schools because the system makes it very hard for them to educate kids.

Teachers learn about educational psychology and how to reach different learners in college, and we can’t wait to put that knowledge into practice in the classroom.

However, after graduating and starting to teach, many of us quickly see how the school system makes it ‘almost’ impossible to put real learning into practice, because the system is simply not designed for it.

The default of children is to learn, and children are a natural, fearless learner when their curiosity is nurtured and they are given the environment where learning can take place.

The main problem is that teachers know this, and they are frustrated because they’re forced to teach in an outdated, ineffective system, so they decide to leave.

And, a recent viral post written by a celebrated teacher highlights exactly why many teachers decide to leave public schools.

Michelle Maile was a 1-st grade teacher before she decided to resign this month, and she wrote a detailed 5-point explanation of why she decided to do so.

Her post is resonating with thousands of people, and it has since been shared more than 74k times.
Check out the post below for yourself to see why:

What do you think about it?

Do you also think the system has so many flaws that they’re impossible to be fixed/changed? Tell us in the comments!


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