Children Torture Bulls At Spanish Arena And Get The Animals’ Ears And Tail As “Trophies”

Children Torture Bulls At Spanish Arena And Get The Animals’ Ears And Tail As “Trophies”

People filed truly outrageous scenes at an arena in Cordoba recently: student bullfighters, including minors, were invited to skewer the calves for entertainment.

The video shows that the ears were hacked off one of the animals and presented to the young child matador as a trophy, while another child was handed the animal’s tail.

Another video showed a student bullfighter, a teenager, who was injured, with his face full of blood.

Campaigners from Animal Guardians and La Tortura No Es Cultura warn that these actions are repeated annually in the so-called homage to Cordovan women.

Marta Esteban of Animal Guardians says that they do this every year, even though very few people attend, about 2,000 in the bullring with a capacity of 17,000.

She warns that they also do it to promote the students to learn bullfighting in different schools, and the tail and ear are given to the bullfighters if they perform well, or to the public as a “present”.
She also adds some of the animals are still alive when the ear is cut off.

She says that these actions are absolutely unfit for a civilized country, and they demand politicians to take immediate measures so that this type of event stops taking place in Spain.

Campaigners claim that the pain and suffering of the calves are even worse at these bullfights because of the inexperience of the students.

The organization now calls for women to call out council chiefs in Cordoba with complaints and let them know that this spectacle is not in their name, and they are also asking them to use the hashtag #NoQuieroTuHomenaje (I don’t want your homage) on social media.


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