China Donated 30 Tons Of Medical Supplies To Italy And A Planeful Of COVID-19 Experts

China Donated 30 Tons Of Medical Supplies To Italy And A Planeful Of COVID-19 Experts

A plane by the Chinese Red Cross filled with 30 tons of medical equipment and nine expert medical staff with experience battling the COVID-19 disease arrived in Italy.
The expert medical team includes two respiratory disease specialists from Sichuan University’s West China Hospital and an expert from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control.

The medical supplies included masks and respirators, which are much needed at a moment when the country’s battling the second-worst hit by the virus after China. Over 1266 people passed in Italy, and there have been more than 17000 confirmed cases of the virus.

The Italian government has closed down restaurants and shops in order to stop the spread of the virus, and people are actually fined for leaving their homes without the requires permission.
China believes that its coronavirus experts and supplies can help stop the spread of the virus in Europe.

Francesco Rocca, the head of the Italian Red Cross, said that they’re relieved to have this arrival of supplies in this moment of great stress and great difficulty, and even though it is true it will help only temporarily, it’s still important.
He added that they’re in desperate need of these masks now, and they really need those respirators.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping said that victory was in sight in the country where it all began, and they claim that they’ve made significant progress in stopping the virus’s progression throughout the country.

Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said during a phone call between himself and the Italian foreign minister that even though China itself still has a great demand for medical materials, they’ll overcome the difficulties and offer material aid, including face masks, and increase exports of materials and equipment to meet Italy’s urgent need.
He added that China would also like to send medical teams to assist in combating the virus in Italy.


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