Church’s “First Dance Kit” For Girls Will Make You See Red

Church’s “First Dance Kit” For Girls Will Make You See Red

A Facebook post that advertises a so-called “First Dance Kit” has since goon viral on the internet because it tells girls to “never say ‘No’ to a guy who had the courage to walk over and ask you to dance”.

Yes, you read that right.

The post teaches girls patriarchal “facts”, like the importance of following the dress code so you don’t make boys “uncomfortable” and some other stuff that looks like it comes from The Handmaid’s Tale.

Ashlee Aleen Feegan of Utah told Scary Mommy that her friend’s 14-year-old daughter got a copy of the “First Dance Kit” at her Mormon church, and it was then shared by the mom online in a Facebook group for former members of the Mormon Church.

What the …?

There’s also another section about how young girls shouldn’t talk to their friends because that might scare the boy off and they won’t ask them to dance.

Unbelievably, there’s also another setion that teaches girls that they should paint their nails and wear a little lip gloss, and, of course, brush their teeth.

Feegan told Scary Mommy that she shared the post on her Facebook page because she wanted to call out the “purity culture that resides within the LDS church”.

Apparently, the “dance kit” was created by a local blogger who has since, reportedly, removed the handout from her blog after the backlash they received.


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