Co-op Created Gender Neutral “Gingerbread Person”, And You Can Suggest The Name

Co-op Created Gender Neutral “Gingerbread Person”, And You Can Suggest The Name

The gingerbread man, as we know him and love him, is getting an image reboot thanks to Co-op Food.

The supermarket had been working on a make-over for one of the most famous sweet treats, and they will, reportedly, lunch a gender-neutral version.

That’s right! Our beloved treat is getting even better! It will also be re-vamped into “gingerbread person”, and it will feature a gender-neutral outfit. And, to make things even better, Co-op wants the shoppers to come up with a name for them.

Manchester Evening News reports that the retailer is finishing up the design, and a small glimpse of the gingerbread person shows that it wears grey clothes, and that’s it, for now.

The retailer asked people to suggest the new name between April 10 and May 1, and the Co-op Food team will put together a shortlist of their favorite suggestions, and they will, of course, put the winner name to the public.

They wrote on their website that they are adding the final touches to the gingerbread person, and the plan is to give their new gingerbread fellow some seasonal costume refreshes, for example, a Christmassy look, or something spooky around Halloween.

You can sign up to suggest a name for the gingerbread person here.

Oh, the retailer added that they also need to ensure that the name is gender neutral too.


Seriously? It’s a cookie. It’s already gender neutral.

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