Coffee Shop Offers New Take On “Bikini Barista” And Introduces Shirtless Male Baristas

Coffee Shop Offers New Take On “Bikini Barista” And Introduces Shirtless Male Baristas

As reported by Capitol Hill Seatle Blog, Dreamboyz Espresso is a coffee shop that opened the business on September 13, and it employs shirtless men.

The shop opened after a bikini barista shop in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood closed after failing to attract enough customers.
The owners say that it’s currently the only coffee stand operated by shirtless men in Washington state.

The new all-male barista stand is turning a lot of heads, and it’s located in a parking lot at the corner of Broadway and Harrison.
The coffee shop that used to occupy the space, Ladybug Espresso, closed recently because of a lack of business.

Jacob Haeger, who lives in the neighborhood, said that he saw a hunky guy in there. He said that “there was a topless guy sitting in there with swollen pecs and whatnot”.

Shoma Goomansingh, another Cap Hill resident said that she saw that it was men running the place and they’re in brief bikinis and they’re all very-good looking young men, so she thinks both men and women will enjoy the difference.

The two baristas put up the sign with the slogan “Hot Guys Serving Hot Coffee” on Tuesday, and many people have since turned heads and taken photos of it.

Brandon Peters, one of the employers, said that he worked for Starbucks for a couple of years and he really enjoyed being a barista.

Another one of the employees wondered why can women do it and men can’t.

The owners of the coffee stand also own 45 LadyBug Bikini Espresso stands with female baristas across Oregon and Washington.
Their Cap Hill location closed a few months ago, so the customers and employees suggested hiring men to serve coffee instead.

Even people who are typically against the idea of bikini baristas with women have said that they’re finding this stand to have a different vibe to it.


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