College Gifts 300 Black Baby Dolls to Black Girls To Boost Their Self-Esteem

College Gifts 300 Black Baby Dolls to Black Girls To Boost Their Self-Esteem

Representation does matter, and these students at Mary Baldwin University Virginia know that very well. That’s why they decided to donate hundreds of Black baby dolls in an attempt to inspire young Black girls to believe in themselves.

Reverend Andrea Cornett-Scott is the university’s chief diversity officer, and she said that they know that there’s a clear tie between the achievement gap and self-esteem, especially for Black girls.

“Oftentimes African-American girls have problems with self-image because they don’t see a lot of images of themselves in the media, and often they struggle with whether or not they’re beautiful.” – she adds.
The students gifted more than 300 Black dolls to young Black girls in Virginia so they can play with dolls that actually look like them.

The students believe that the doll isn’t just something to play with, but to inspire them to realize that their power is limitless.

“We wanted to make sure we had a program that spoke to their outward and inner beauty, so we decided to do the doll project so they could see themselves in the dolls that they play with. ” – Cornett-Scott added.

Mary Baldwin University is a private university with around 1,500 students, and this tradition has been ongoing for years.

The students have been holding Annual Black Baby Doll Drive for more than 25 years, and they’ve been distributing to girls in the local community. The idea behind it has always been to boost the self-esteem of girls through dolls, and the dolls are collected from the community and professors and staff on campus.

Before the annual drive, students are taught about the ‘doll tests’, which is a series of experiments conducted to test children’s perceptions about race. Namely, most children assigned positive characteristics to the white doll, and chose it over the Black doll, perpetuating the myth that White dolls were better than Black dolls. This has impacted the image of young Black girls significantly.

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