Comic Book Artist Called Out For Drawing Generously Proportioned Woman

Comic Book Artist Called Out For Drawing Generously Proportioned Woman

Even though the idiom “never judge a book by its cover” is probably one of the oldest ones, people still ignore it and make bold assumptions on something based purely on its appearance.

Anita Cox is a Twitter user who made some pretty astonishing conclusions from a cover photo for an upcoming graphic novel by Blake Northcott, Scott Lobdell, and Roc Upchurch called Everglade Angels.
The photo that got Cox’s attention is one of Blake’s characters, and it features a woman with “generous proportions” in the chest area wielding a baseball bat.

The cover was made by the talented Leila Leiz, and Blake, who commissioned her, said that she wanted a “fun, hot, 90s vibe for Everglade Angels”.

This is the cover, and the comment Anita Cox made about it:

Cox managed to understand what Blake was thinking when she ordered the photo and Leila’s gender, nationality, location, intimate activity, education, and even voting preference.
Yes, we know that this is nothing new, but she managed to Judge the hell out of this book, looking just at its cover.

Blake decided to set the record straight and she posted a firm reply in which she cleared a few things up:

Blake told Bored Panda that the criticism from the Twitter user didn’t make her angry, but she was just shocked by all the assumptions.

She noted that she occasionally deals with trolls, but not as often, because comic book fans are usually pretty cool and laid back.

This is what people thought about the savage response:


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