Company Introduces A Bed That Rolls Your Partner Back To Their Side Of The Bed

Company Introduces A Bed That Rolls Your Partner Back To Their Side Of The Bed

Anyone who has been in a relationship will tell you that bed-hoggers are the worst kind of people.
Most people just get into bed, lie down, and get through the night without issues. However, there are people who actually turn into monsters once they fall asleep, and they just refuse to stay on their side of the bed. They push you closer and closer to the edge, and there are cases where the partner has even fallen off the bed.

Well, Ford has an invention for such people, and these issues could be a thing of the past.

The most recent invention is called the Lane-Keeping Bed. It rolls the “offender” back over to their side automatically as soon as they trigger the bed’s pressure sensors. So, it manages to save the sleep of the sleep-deprived partner, and it can even save them from falling off the bed.

The breakthrough was made by Ford by adapting their lane-centering technology used in their vehicles.

Dr. Neil Stanley is a sleep expert, and he said that humans are very sensitive to any disturbance they feel while they sleep. Many couples have less space, and it is often the case that one partner has less space than a small child in a single bed.

So, the Lane-Keeping Bed will kick in if someone moves on to your side of the bed, and it will put them back to place.
The bad news, however, is that there are no plans to put the bed on general sale to the public.

Ford decided not to share their Lane-Keeping Assist technology with others, and they thought that showing how similar thinking could be applied to a bed would be a great way to highlight to drivers a technology which might not previously have been aware of.


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