Company Sells Racy Lingerie Specifically Made For Men, Because Why Not

Company Sells Racy Lingerie Specifically Made For Men, Because Why Not

We live in a time where there are hundreds of thousands of options when it comes to clothing, and it’s also the case for lingerie.
However, men don’t seem to have quite the choice women have when it comes to lingerie, and some has stated that it makes them feel left out. Well, it used to, but not anymore. There are men who like to wear feminine-looking underwear in the world, and accordingly, there are companies who are willing to fulfill their needs.

HommeMystere is a Brisbane-based online store that was developed five years ago by Brent Krause. He first created it for his personal needs, and thought there might be other people like him in search of lingerie for men. Krause appreciates wearing lingerie with his wife, and he decided to make some!

According to Krause, there’s no variety in the men’s underwear sold in department stores, and it’s all boxers and briefs. He adds that it’s fine for 99% of men, but not for him.

Lingerie for men is also known as “mangerie”, and Krause claims that most of their customers come from the U.S., and they send merchandise in Europe, Canada, and even Russia.

He added that their research indicates that even though many wives and girlfriends are comfortable with it, they do receive responses from guys that say that they like their lingerie, but their partners do not approve.

Some social media comments from women have also suggested that they would, in fact, leave their partner if they discovered that he wore mangerie, so it explains why some of their customers want some discretion. A survey they provided has revealed that 90% of the men that responded to it were in a heterosexual relationship, and most of them were over 40, married, and straight.

Would you be comfortable if your significant other chose to wear “mangerie”? Tell us in the comments!


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