Cornershop Gives Away Free Face-Masks, Cleaning Wipes And Hand Gel To Elderly During The Outbreak

Cornershop Gives Away Free Face-Masks, Cleaning Wipes And Hand Gel To Elderly During The Outbreak

Everyone over the age of 65 that shops at Day Today Express in Stenhousemuir, Scotland, gets a free face-mask, antibacterial hand gel, and cleaning wipes in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.
To add to that, they can pick up a bag of the essential items, and those unable to make it to shop themselves can even have the essentials delivered for free.

The Cornershop is being run by Asiyah and Jawad Javed, and they said that the act of generosity will cost their business about £2,000.

According to the shop owners, they had delivered around 500 of the bags, and each bag costs about £2 to put together.
Ms. Javed said that she had been out on Saturday and met an older woman who was crying because she had been to the supermarket and there was no hand wash.

She noted that she feels that it is not fair on elderly people, as some can’t even get out of their houses, so the Javeds are delivering 30 packages to a care home where there are 30 people living, and they’ve got another couple of hundred bags in the shop.
They say that they’re just trying to help people who can’t get out of the house, and the have stocked up their Cornershop before the coronavirus hit Scotland.

Ms. Javed revealed that people thought she was going to sell the stock she had made of hand soap, but she had exactly this in her mind, and added that she thought that “it’s time to give now”.

“Other shopkeepers are buying them to sell, we are buying them to give away”.

The pair have been ridiculed for their generosity by some of the younger customers, and Ms. Javed revealed that they’ve been calling them ‘stupid’.

She said, though, that money is not everything, and there will be the opportunity to make money in the future.
She also revealed that even though she doesn’t have her grandparents with her anymore, she could not help but think of them during the COVID-19 crisis.


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