Couple That Started Dating As Heterosexual Is Now In A Loving Lesbian Marriage

Couple That Started Dating As Heterosexual Is Now In A Loving Lesbian Marriage

If some people are meant to be together, there’s nothing that can stop them!
The 38-year-old Sarah and the 37-year-old Jenni Barret have gone through something that would sound unbelievable for most couples out there, yet they’re still together and they’re stronger than ever.

They’ve been married for 15 years now, after they met through a friend at Arizona State University and started dating in 2004. Sarah, however, was named Sean than, and Jenni identified as a straight woman. Sean, on the other hand, identified as a straight man at the time.

Jenni told The Daily Mail that she knew he was the one at the time, and the two decided to get married in December 2005.

Jenni didn’t know about her fiance’s gender issues at the time, but she found it a bit unusual that she took such an interest in the wedding plans. She was happy to elope and get married just the two of them, but she organized every part of the big day – all Jenni needed to do was dress and turn up.

The couple has two sons, Morgan, born in 2007, and Toby, born in 2009. After the birth of Toby, Sarah began buying clothes traditionally meant for women. She would wear a nightie to bed and countless layers of clothes with a bra underneath on date nights. Jenni noticed that something was going on, but it wasn’t hurting anybody, so she didn’t say a word.

The couple, though, started suspecting that their eldest son might be gay, and they didn’t want him to hide it.

The discussions about the boy’s sexuality brought up a tough conversation between Sarah and Jenni. One night, Sarah told Jenni that she thinks she’s trans. Jenni also realized that that’s why she has always been so drawn to her – because of who she was on the inside, a woman. So, she turned around and said: “That’s ok, I think I’m gay”.

So, what began as a heterosexual relationship, transformed into a loving lesbian marriage between two women. They explained to the children that daddy had a girl’s brain and that it was in the wrong body – but doctors would fix that. The boys now call Sarah ‘Eema’, which stands for Mother in Hebrew.
Sean began taking a combination of testosterone blockers and estrogen every day, and changed her name to Sarah.


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Let’s go back to basics. We have a LOT of he followers so it’s time to reintroduce ourselves! We’re Sarah and Jenni. We have two boys, Morgan (13) and Toby (11). We’re public school teachers in AZ! We’ve been married for almost 15 years and together for 16. Three years ago, Sarah came out publicly as transgender, and right around the same time, I came out as gay. When Sarah first came out to me, about six months before she came out publicly, we really struggled to find positive outcomes of families like ours, especially those where the transitioning person was a teacher. We thought we were doomed to not make it. But here we are, three years later, stronger than ever, living as our true authentic selves! Our promise to you is that we keep this page genuine. No filters, no fluff, not only posey, “everything is perfect” posts … Just our family. We have bad days just like you. But…. At the end of the day, we’re stronger together, and want to help at least ONE person or family see the light that might be at the end of their tunnel! Welcome to our journey! Oh, and feel free to share our story, just make sure to tag us! 🏳️🌈 🏳️🌈 🏳️🌈 #Lgbt #lgbtq #LoveisLove #moms #wives #transgender #twomoms #lesbians #trans #wives #couplegoals #lovemakesafamily #goproudout #love #pride #family #unique #translivesmatter #soulmates #married #marriagegoals #transawareness #maskup #physicaldiatance #maskwearing #maskwearingiscaring

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The couple celebrates their unique family on their Instagram account @jenniberr, and they’re proud of their LGBT relationship.

Morgan came out in 2018, and they say that Toby’s often joking that he’s going to come as bisexual to fit in.


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