Cow Cuddling Is The New Trend For Stress Relief, And It Will Set You Back $300

Cow Cuddling Is The New Trend For Stress Relief, And It Will Set You Back $300

Anyone that has ever thought about running away from city crowds and moving on a big farm probably imagines themselves being surrounded by farm animals, including cows.

Well, now you don’t have to buy a farm to live a peaceful life, because cow cuddling is a thing, and it will cost you A LOT less than investing in a farm.

Cow cuddling is the latest trend, and people seem to love it. Experts say that it’s a wellness treatment that gives you inner peace and changes your state of mind.
We’ve all heard that spending time with animals will lower your stress, and cow cuddling might just be your thing.

Everyone interested in spending time with big animals can check out Mountain Horse Farm’s program in upstate New York.

Cuddling a cow can be beneficial for you because cows have a higher body temperature than our bodies, and their heart rate is significantly lower, so it will relax your body and mind.

People who have tried it say that this method will lower your stress and help you reconnect with nature, and, as noted by Mountain Horse Farms, horses and cows know how to communicate with people, and they can feel when you are happy, sad, or anxious.

A 90-minute session will set you back $300, and a 60-minute cuddling session costs $75.

Even though like every new trend, this one was followed by criticism as well, and some people say that cows should be in no way used as cuddling animals because cows are escape animals, facilitators at Mountain Horse Farm say that cows at their farm are treated with love and care, and they live in wild-like environment.


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