Critics Think This Mom Is Trying To “Make Her 2-Year-Old Son Gay” By Allowing Him To Wear Dress

Critics Think This Mom Is Trying To “Make Her 2-Year-Old Son Gay” By Allowing Him To Wear Dress

Joanna Minuzzo is a 39-year-old mom from Cairns, Australia, that married her husband Najee, 31, on May 11th.

The mother of three gave her son three outfit choices ahead of her big day, including a kilt from her home country, as she is originally from Scotland.
However, he quickly fell in love with his two older sisters’ dresses.
Joanna’s son first showed his love for dresses in January this year, after he asked his mom if he could wear his sister’s dress with a Minnie Mouse face on it.

She first told him no, because she felt that it’s not socially acceptable for boys to wear dresses. However, she soon questioned her own response and decided that she wants her children to be “free to be who they want to be” and that she’s “guided” by her son.

So, a week before the wedding the mother borrow a beautiful blue dress from a friend for her son to wear on the day.
The heartwarming photos show the groom helping the boy get into his outfit, and the toddler’s delighted face is adorable.

Joanna was touched to see how her husband embraced their son’s outfit choice.

She admitted, however, that many people questioned as to why she lets her son wear “girls” clothing, and critics have told her that she’s “making him gay”. Joanna believes that that is completely ridiculous, and she wants to raise children who feel secure enough in themselves to be true to who they really are.

She noted that we have a generation of adults who are too afraid to be themselves because the fear of being judged, and she wants her children to know that the only person’s opinion of them that matters is their own.


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