Cursing May Actually Be Good For You And Make You A Better Friend

Cursing May Actually Be Good For You And Make You A Better Friend

Profanity is a part of the language, after all, and it has a history in the common record. It’s also effective, and fun, and it can potentially be good for you.

That’s right: recent studies have found that there might be a connection between how often one uses curse words and how good of a friend they are.

Being honest with someone is one of the most important qualities that make a good friend, so professors from Stanford University, the University of Cambridge, Maastricht University, and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology conducted a study which intended to test the correlation between honesty levels and profanity use.

What they found is that there’s a positive correlation between honesty and profanity use.

A good friend is someone that is able to communicate with you effectively.
And not only that we communicate the meaning of a sentence when we use such words, but we also show our emotional response to the meaning.

Cursing also allows us to express ourselves without turning to physical or destructive behavior, so it can actually be good for us.

Also, it has been found that people feel much better after letting a series of such words out. They feel calmer and less likely to glass across the room.

Using profanity can also contribute to the rhetorical effectiveness of a message, and a cleverly used curse word can make the difference when trying to prove some point.

Take Megan Rapinoe, for example, who brilliantly announced to the world that she’s not going to the White House.

So, if you happen to throw a lot of four-letter-words around the party, congratulations. People probably feel comfortable around you, and they consider you to be a good friend.


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