Dad Asks Mom Who Ditched Their 1-Month-Old Baby 4 Years Ago For The Payments She Missed

Dad Asks Mom Who Ditched Their 1-Month-Old Baby 4 Years Ago For The Payments She Missed

Raising a kid on your own is very hard, especially if you’re young and you have financial struggles. One young dad took it to Reddit to share his story about taking the responsibility for his 4-year-old all by himself for years, and how he worked extremely hard to do that. However, the child’s mother that ditched the baby as a 1-month-old is back in his life, and he asked Redditors if he would be in the wrong to ask for all the child support payments that she missed.

As it turns out, the baby was a result of a ‘friends-with-benefits’ type of thing, and he explained in the post that she was a few grades older than him. He explained that they didn’t use protection, and she ended up pregnant.

She insisted back at the time that she wants to keep the baby and she was excited throughout the pregnancy, but she disappeared off the face of the earth just one month after the baby was born.

“She dropped him off for a weekend with me then was a no-show for pick up on Monday and was unreachable until late in the night. When she informed me she’d moved to the other side of the country for university and wouldn’t be coming back.”

She then blocked all contact and cut both the baby and the dad out of her life. Although the 4 years were very rough for the dad, he put any plans he had for college and his career on hold to make meets and and struggled a lot to make enough money to support himself and his kid.

As he explained in the since-deleted post, now, 4 years later, the mom finished college and was looking to become a part of their lives again.

“I’m apprehensive. For one, I can’t shake the feeling that if she could abandon our kid before, she could do it again. And two, I’m a little put out that she’s been completely no contact and uninvolved — including not paying child support — for his entire life, and now thinks she can breeze back in because it’s convenient now,” – he added.

He won’t stop her from seeing their son, but he really does wonder if he should press her to pay up on all of the money she owes him for raising their son on his own.

He has decided that he won’t do anything to stop her from seeing their son, but he wonders if he should press her to pay up on all of the money she ows him for raising their kid on his own – as she didn’t pay any child support payments throughout the years.

Most of Reddit claimed that the dad is not the a-hole in this situation, and advised him to get a lawyer and make sure to get everything in writing. This is what one Redditor suggested the man:

“I say this from experience: NTA, but lawyer up. NOW. You want your custody set in legal stone and her complete and total abandonment of your child documented in court yesterday so that you have legal standing to fully dictate the terms of her coming back into your lives.” – and we must admit that we completely agree with them. But what do you think? Should the dad ask for all of the payments she had missed? Feel free to tell us in the comments!


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