Dad Buys Birth Control For Teen Daughters, And It’s What Every Parent Should Do

Dad Buys Birth Control For Teen Daughters, And It’s What Every Parent Should Do

Although we believe that parents should be involved in their children’s education when it comes to body health and wellness, the reality is that most parents tend to avoid the topic.

To add to that, even when parents do guide their children, it’s almost always the moms who do this. Sadly, we still live in a world where men often consider topics such as menstruation and contraception to be taboo – so the burden falls on the children. And this is exactly why J.J Murhpy got a lot of attention.

The dad gained a lot of popularity for getting his teenage daughter birth control. The video starts with him holding a paper bag with two of his daughters, Emma and Ryan, sitting on the opposite sides of the table.

He told his teenage daughters that this is his first receipt of birth control for them. Although they seemed embarrassed and confused, most people praised the dad for his awesomeness:

@emma.m04 easily one of the most embarrassing moments of life #fyp #girldad ♬ original sound – Emma Murphy

The video was shared by Emma Murphy, his daughter, and has since been viewed more than 12 million times. She captioned the video with “Easily one of the most embarrassing moments of life.”

As it turns out, Emma wanted to start birth control before leaving for college, so the dad, who has five daughters, decided to get birth control for both Emma and Ryan. She also added that they’ve spoken to their doctors to decide the best option to use birth control.

Emma and her sisters are thankful for having such a supportive dad, and she added that being open with this topic makes other topics more and more comfortable to talk about with her family – which is very important.

She added that her dad is okay with his daughters’ choices, as long as they’re in safe relationships.

“I am so proud of my girls, some of whom have dated in and out of their gender and race,” he said.

Source: Upworthy


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