Dad Goes Through 30+ Hours Tattooing His Son’s Birthmark To Comfort Him

Dad Goes Through 30+ Hours Tattooing His Son’s Birthmark To Comfort Him

Derek Prue Sr. is a dedicated dad from Canada that decided to get a tattoo that will make his son feel better about his birthmark.
The eight-year-old Derek Prue was born with a birthmark that covers a large portion of his torso. As he got older, his dad realized that the boy was self-conscious about it, so he decided to spend more than 30 hours getting a tattoo that would make the two look alike.

Derek Prue Sr. decided to go under the needle after his son insisted on wearing a t-shirt when the family went to the swimming pool.

The dad visited a tattoo artist named Tony Gibbert, who happens to be the owner of the Juicy Quill tattoo studio in Stony Plain, Alberta. He spent 30 hours under the needle in a period of two months to boost his son’s confidence.

The boy became suspicious when his mom asked to take photos of his birthmark, but he had no idea that they would use it for the tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist said that the process was ‘pretty painful’, but the father completed the mission successfully, and it was all to comfort his son.

Once the tattoo was complete, the dad went to reveal it to his son. His son’s face lighted up with a smile, and the boy said that he was ‘happy and a bit confused’.

According to the boy’s mom, Derek agreed to take off his shirt whenever his dad was around.


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