Dad Wants Men To Stop Looking At His Daughter So He Gave Her A Swimsuit With His Face On

Dad Wants Men To Stop Looking At His Daughter So He Gave Her A Swimsuit With His Face On

Megan Echlin was happy about her family holiday in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, and she was even more excited when she was handed a present by her 5-year-old niece upon her arrival. However, the excitement quickly turned down when she opened the present and saw a swimming costume with her dad’s face plastered across the front of it.

As it turns out, the gift was from her dad, Tony, who told her that he bought her the swimsuit “so no men would look at her”.
Well, it didn’t quite work out for him, because the 26-year-old Megan attracted the gaze of everyone, including men, when she put the swimsuit on up poolside.

Megan told LADbible that she couldn’t believe it when she opened it, and her dad told her that it was “so no men look at her”. However, everyone around the pool was staring and laughing when she put it on.

The fun didn’t end there, though. Oh no. The “hilarious” dad had another prank up his sleeve:
As Megan was waiting in the restaurant for her mom and dad later that evening, her dad walked in wearing a t-shirt with Megan’s face all over it.
She says that she nearly collapsed as she was laughing so much, and other people started laughing as well when they realized it’s her face on her dad’s t-shirt.
They went out that evening, and people were laughing and stopping them to take photos with them.

It turns out, however, that the father-daughter duo has some kind of a face-transposal-based bants, though.
Megan got her dad an apron with his face all over it for his 50th birthday, and she went one better for Father’s Day too.

She said that a pub they go to in Nottingham had a photo up on the wall, so she got it and edited it all so his head was on every photo.

Well, this seems like a fun family, don’t you think?


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