Dad With Down Syndrome Proves Love Is Stronger Than Anything and Raises a Doctor Son

Dad With Down Syndrome Proves Love Is Stronger Than Anything and Raises a Doctor Son

Jad Issa is a man with Down syndrome that fathered a child with his wife and raised him to be a doctor.
Namely, there’s a common misconception that people with Down syndrome can’t have children. That’s not true, and this family from Syria is an example.

Jad’s son Sadar was born as a healthy baby, and he said that he was feeling very loved as a child. He and his father would play games such as wrestling, thumb wrestling, and other father-son activities.
The family also received support from the local community, and Jad worked hard so his son could achieve his dreams.

Jad worked in a wheat mill and was saving money for his son’s college. Sader claims that his dad did everything in his power to give him the best future possible, and inspired him to study and become a doctor.

“I think I would’ve been much less excited about life and much less passionate with what I do if I didn’t have my special father,” – he wrote.

Sader now works as a dentist – which is one of the highest paying careers in Syria, and his dad’s happiness has no bounds.

The family is a living proof that stereotypes mean nothing. Sader added that when he was still studying, his dad would introduce new people to him by telling them that ‘his son is a doctor’ with a twinkle in his eyes.

When it comes to his parents’ relationship, Sader said that the love between his mom and dad is still as if they were married yesterday. They compliment each other in every way, go on walks together, and sometimes just sit and talk for hours.

Source: Bright Side


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