‘Dancing Doctor’ Manages To Cheer Up Seriously Ill Children Who Haven’t Smiled For A Long Time

‘Dancing Doctor’ Manages To Cheer Up Seriously Ill Children Who Haven’t Smiled For A Long Time

This doctor is Patch Adams of our generation. However, instead of telling jokes, he is dancing into the hearts of his seriously ill patients.

As we all know, ‘laughter is the best medicine’, and pediatric neurosurgery physician assistant Tony Adkins agrees with it.
42-year-old Tony from Orange County, California decided to cheer up a seriously ill child post-op by spontaneously breaking out into dance. His dance moves have become a vital part of his treatment since then.

The doctor insists that smiling and more interactive is actually more powerful than some pain medications, and now he dances with all of his patients at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Naturally, he has been awarded the nickname ‘Dancing Doc’.

The doctor, also an army veteran, promises to continue dancing throughout his medical career in order to protect the ‘magic of childhood’ in his ill patients.

“Dancing with patients is important because it adds levity and joy to the hospital experiences. What I’m doing is right in with CHOC’s commitment to preserving the magic of childhood and ensuring patients don’t have to put their childhoods on pause. It has a clinical value as it allows me to assess a patient’s physical abilities, mobility, and recovery process. I recently had a patient who reluctant to get out of bed after surgery, but when I came in one morning to see him, an invitation to dance got him out of bed and moving. After we finished dancing, he kept going and starting doing laps around the hospital floor – it was awesome to see.” – he says

Check out the video of this awesome doctor dancing with his patients below!

“Nothing is more important than the health of a child, and I am so lucky to play an integral role in that.” – the doctor adds.


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