Dating Website Allows Only ‘Beautiful People’, And They Even Released List Of “Ugly Flaws”

Dating Website Allows Only ‘Beautiful People’, And They Even Released List Of “Ugly Flaws”

Don’t get us wrong here, but one of the things that absolutely SUCKS about dating apps is that pretty much everything on them is based on physical appearance. Yes, we understand that you can’t find out much about a person by looking at their profile, but chances are that if you got to know someone better, you might end up “swiping them right”.

However, there are people who seem to have dedicated their lives on these apps, and it turns out that there’s actually a private members-only dating website called “Beautiful People”.

The website keeps “ugly” members from getting into the mix, and they only let “good looking” people to join in.


Apparently, the website uses a voting system in which existing members either approve or reject new members. Reportedly, 8.5 million people have been rejected since the site began in 2002, and currently, there are around 750,000 members who have been “beautiful enough” to be accepted.

The founder and managing director of the site, Greg Hodge (it had to be a man, right?), told Mercury Press that the site’s members filter our “undesirables” through a voting system, and it’s done in order to keep their dating community “beautiful”.

Yup, he used the word ‘undesirables’.

Believe it or not, the site has actually released a list of top 10 features that are considered “ugly”.

This is what men find unappealing in women, according to the website:

1. Obese/overweight

2. Eyes too far apart or close together or wonky

3. Big/unsightly nose

4. Bad skin

5. Poor figure (no shape, curves)

6. No butt, too much butt

7. “ThinFat” — skinny but no body tone

8. Bad mouth/teeth — too small, no lips, poor teeth

9. Bad makeup (too much makeup, makeup not correctly applied)

10. Unibrow, no plucking, too much plucking

And this is what women on the website find unappealing at men:

1. Bad mouth — too small, no lips, poor teeth

2. Obese/overweight

3. Too short

4. Bad skin

5. Un-groomed facial or body hair — unibrow, nose hairs, wild beard, excessive back hair

6. Crooked, large or otherwise ugly nose

7. Balding or unkempt hair (not specifically styled that way)

8. Bad posture

9. Dirty or long nails or both

10. Too skinny/scrawny/effeminate

However, don’t worry, because the site offers you a solution if you get rejected.

Again, believe it or not, “Beautiful People” actually offers you plastic surgery consultations if you get rejected by their members!

Hodge explained that “so many of the ugly traits are easily fixable”, so you could potentially become a “beautiful person too”, only if you worked on your excess weight, bad teeth, or lack of grooming.

People have the right to do, or in this case become members of whatever they want, but if you ask us, this site is so wrong on so many levels, its not even funny!


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