Dad Freaks Out After Finding “Disgusting Toy” In His Daughter Room And The Internet Is Scratching Its Head

Dad Freaks Out After Finding “Disgusting Toy” In His Daughter Room And The Internet Is Scratching Its Head

“The talk” between a dad and his daughter can get awkward for sure, but things can get really weird when that conversation is about pleasuring yourself.

One of the worst case scenarios is when that conversation turns into a complete misunderstanding with nothing to learn from it. It all gets down to a simple human error that makes both sides feel uncomfortable and weird.

That’s exactly what happened to Emily when her father went into her room and discovered a power bank.

The only problem, he made a small error of mistaking her portable battery for a vibrator. To make things worse. He even decided to text her about it.

People found it to be hilarious and started asking some “serious” questions.

To which Emily responded accordingly…

Let`s go back to our main topic: personal pleasure devices. People had different opinions on them and whether on not her dad had the right to bring up the subject.

For some the story just didn’t add up.

There were some that though the whole story was fabricated.

Others felt inspired to share their own embarrassing “toy” discovery incidents.

Some were confused as to why her dad would think she ordered the “toy” from Spencer`s of all places

As if the conversation wasn`t awkward enough, people started clamoring her mom`s opinion in the matter.

Following the thread, we`ve noticed that some people argued on whether or not it was normal for parents to discuss self-pleasing with their kids. I mean on one hand all topics should be on the table, but on the other hand, talking about naughty bits with your parent can get very, very weird, in fact, some think it’s gross. What do you think?


its normal for boys and girls to pleasure themselves. it wasn’t lying around and. I would just have told my daughter to be careful and do it private. at least she isn’t having s*x

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