Did They Discover The Final Resting Place Of Amelia Earhart? Scientist Are 99% Sure That The Bones Found On Pacific Island Are Hers

Did They Discover The Final Resting Place Of Amelia Earhart? Scientist Are 99% Sure That The Bones Found On Pacific Island Are Hers

According to a scientist that is investigating the case of the decades-old mystery about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, there is 99% certainty that the mystery is finally solved.

Amelia was a famous aviator that tried to round the world in a flight in 1937 but mysteriously disappeared somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. The mystery of what happened to Amelia, her navigator Freed Noonan and her plane had not been solved until this day.

Richard Jantz, an expert in skeletal biology, claims that has cracked the case, finding bones on a Pacific island which are ‘99%’ Amelia’s.

Bones claiming to be Amelia’s have been discovered previously as well when in 1940 scientists were claiming that they discovered them on the Gardner Island (now Nikumaroro), 400 miles south of the place that Amelia planned to stop.

The bones found in 1940 have been lost, but luckily, Dr David Winn Hoodless had taken measurements of them. Now, Dr Jantz has been using those measurements to compare them to the probable dimensions of Amelia Earhart, and the conclusion he reached in nothing but astonishing.

He claims that scientifically, there is 99% chance that the bones are hers.

What he did to come to the conclusion was genius: he analyzed photos of Einhart where she stands next to objects that can still be measured today, and he realised that there are still ways to get more information about the correct dimensions of Amelia Earhart, so he can compare them directly to the bones.

Dr Jantz explains how they were able to come to this results, measuring the lengths of the bones by photos, clothes from her and the bones previously found on Nikumaroro.

Since the 1980s, the theory that Earhart landed on the Nikumaroro Island has been investigated by TIGHAR (The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery).
There have been other artifacts found on the island that support the theory that Earhart had crashed there, according to the executive director of TIGHAR.

He adds that they have been investigating this case for 29 years and they have compiled many pieces of evidence that support this theory, and that there is absolutely no evidence that something else might have happened. Amelia landed on the island and later died there.

Artifacts of an American woman that lived in the 1930s have been found on the island, and there is no other explanation of how they got there, except for this one. They contain a glass bottle that had mercury and a pocket knife that was probably in her plane.

She probably crushed the knife with a rock, so she can make a spear with the blades. It makes sense because it’s a thing that a castaway would do, and according to TIGHAR, she survived the crash and stayed on the island for some weeks or months before eventually passing away.

They think that she has probably died of thirst or starvation because the chance of spending more calories to get the food then the food itself will provide, are high in that situation. Also, if she had fallen onto the coral and got an infection, she might have died from blood poisoning.


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