Disabled Woman Speaks Out About “Ignorant” People Who Think Her Boyfriend Is Her Carer

Disabled Woman Speaks Out About “Ignorant” People Who Think Her Boyfriend Is Her Carer

The 25-year-old Jasmine Lowdon has been together with her 24-year-old partner Alex Hay for more than a decade after they met at school.
Lowdon has been diagnosed with a string of illnesses in that time, and she is now mostly reliant on a wheelchair, but the couple has managed to weather all of them together!

Even though the couple is now stronger than ever, Jasmine is still frustrated at the reactions of strangers when they see them together. She explained that many people think Alex is her carer, and a lady even asked them what time he finished work while they were on a date.

People would often speak over her head and directly to him, or even use the chairs as a reason to ask questions.

She added that they have even been asked about their intimate life on the bus, and even though it’s fine if it’s children who are asking, adults can be very rude.
Jasmine first met Alex when they were just 12 years old, and they were drawn to one another immediately. They enjoyed a sweet love-style romance, holding hands in the playground, but it wasn’t long after Jasmine began to suffer mysterious seizures and her health rapidly declined.

She was diagnosed with epilepsy aged 14, but things went from bad to worse. She began feeling incredibly tired and she struggled to get out of bed. She first thought that it was just her body reacting to the epilepsy, but she realized that it wasn’t right. Jasmine’s doctor referred her for a string of tests, and she was diagnosed with ME aged 17.

It’s a chronic condition whose common symptoms include fatigue, sleep and memory issues, migraines, and debilitating pain.
Even though she was lucky it was diagnosed, her health was still deteriorating, and she even began fainting.

And yet another tests she performed aged 19 showed that she also had PoTS, in addition to her other conditions. It’s an increase in the heart rate that occurs when sitting up or standing, and it can cause her to faint.

Jasmine explained that she can’t stand for more than a couple of minutes, so that’s the reason she’s in a wheelchair now. She can’t even take a shower without Alex being there to help her.

Alex was by Jasmine’s side throughout it all, however, and even though Jasmine was worried that he might get tired of looking after her, he got her through some truly awful times.

Even though this young beautiful couple is stronger than ever, there are still people who throw hurtful comments or assumptions towards Jasmine, and she truly hopes that she will help normalize disabled and able-bodied people being in relationships by speaking out.


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