Doctors And Nurses Are The Everyday Heroes As We Battle The Coronavirus Pandemic

Doctors And Nurses Are The Everyday Heroes As We Battle The Coronavirus Pandemic

The world is facing a global pandemic these days, and the people who we should be thanking now are the doctors, nurses, and all the other medical personnel that are on the front line against the COVID-19 outbreak.
And while the world is told to stay away from people as much as possible in order to avoid catching the virus, the doctors, nurses, and medical personnel are running into the fire, and they’re the everyday heroes of this devastating worldwide story.

The first one to sound the alarm in Wuhan about the new virus was a young physician named Li Wenliang,
He was a neurosurgeon and the director of Wuhan’s Wuchang Hospital where he working tirelessly to treat the outbreak of the virus that none of them had ever seen before.

The hospitals in northern Italy are overwhelmed with critically ill patients, and doctors are working round the clock to save as many lives as possible. In fact, the situation got so bad in some places that doctors have to choose which patients they will treat with the limited equipment they have, and which will be left to perish. Iran announced that medical staff lost due to COVID-19 will be designated as “martyrs” – which is the same honor given to fallen soldiers.

Alessia Bonari is a nurse from Tuscany, Italy, and she recently shared a selfie on Instagram that illustrates what doctors and nurses are going through in Italy.

Bonari shared how she’s scared, exhausted, but determined as she and her colleagues wage war with the COVID-19 outbreak. This is the translation of her post:

Manager of trauma services Barb Jensen has told the Times that they’ve not had ANY issues with staff not wanting to come to work, and she even added that they’ve had staff calling and saying that they’re available if they’re needed.
So, thank you, doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel who are on the front lines of this pandemic, risking your own lives for the safety of everyone else! You are the everyday heroes this world needs, and you deserve all the appreciation as we battle this new and unknown enemy.


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