Doctors Banned Woman Who Gave Birth To 44 Children From Having More Children

Doctors Banned Woman Who Gave Birth To 44 Children From Having More Children

Mariam Nabatanzi is a woman from Uganda who has been dubbed by locals as “the world’s most fertile woman”. As reported by Australia’s 7 News, the woman has been told by doctors that she’s no longer allowed to have children.

NAbatanzi has given birth to 44 kids, including four sets of twins, five sets of triplets, and five quadruplets, since first giving birth at the age of 13, just one year after she was sold into marriage.

Australia’s 7 News reports that doctors have banned her from having any more babies.
The single mother was the subject of a mini-documentary by Al Jazeera earlier this year, and she works several jobs to take care of her 38 living children. She works as a hairdresser, tailor, and herbalist in order to support her family, and she said that the most important thing for her is for her children to receive an education.

Nabatazni said in the Al Jazeera documentary that she has tried to educate her children, and her dream is that they go to school. She added that they can lack in anything else, but they must go to school.

Dr. Chales Kiggundu, the gynecologist interviewed in the documentary said that the mother’s incredible number of pregnancies were the result of hyperovulation – a condition in which the body releases more than one egg during the menstrual cycle. This phenomenon increases a woman’s chances of having twins, triplets, or even quadruplets.

He said that these women have the potential of having between 10 to 12 eggs that come at the beginning of the month, and some of them have the potential to have more than one fertilization take place.

Nabatanzi has made attempts previously to stop having children, including an IUD after the 18th baby was born – as reported by a 2018 BET article. However, she went into a coma because of the device, and doctors have since told her that, given her condition, certain contraception measures could be incredibly dangerous to her health.

Nabatanzi said that she’s grateful for every single of her kids, despite the challenges.


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