Dog Runs “With Tears In The Eyes”125 Miles To Get Back To Owner Who Disowned Her

Dog Runs “With Tears In The Eyes”125 Miles To Get Back To Owner Who Disowned Her

A rejected Bullmastiff dog called “Maru” trekked more than 125 miles through the dangerous Russian countryside “with tears in the eyes” just to get back to the ungrateful owner who had abandoned her.

The dog had wounds on her paws as a result of the unfortunate pilgrimage through the wilderness, which is also the home to Russian bears and wolves.

She was discovered near the end at an industrial estate, not very far from her home.

Her owner discovered that she was allergic to the one-year-old dog and decided to pack her off on a train back to Trans-Siberia and towards the kennels at which she was born.

The determined dog, however, managed to claw open the compartment door at the train at a train station near Achinsk, Russia, before the train set off for Novosibirsk.

The train staff tried looking for Maru on the platform, but she managed to escape.

The owner of the kennels, Alla Morozova, asked people on social media for information about the dog.
Amazingly, Maru turned up almost three days later 125 miles away, having made an incredible journey.

However, when Morozova finally managed to get the dog back, she found out that the poor Bullmastiff had tears in her eyes.

She also added that the dog was very lucky not to have become dinner for one of the predators that inhabit the nearby woods.

Alla also said that Maru would have probably made it back home if it hadn’t been for her injuries.
The dog was extremely tired and struggling when she was discovered, and Alla is sure that she was looking for her house and her original owner.


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