Dr. Jill Biden Starts Her First Weeks Working As the First Lady While Continuing Teaching

Dr. Jill Biden Starts Her First Weeks Working As the First Lady While Continuing Teaching

Dr. Jill Biden is the new first lady in the White House, and she definitely means business! Even though one would expect that there’s a steep learning curve with a role as significant as this one, but Dr. Jill Biden seems to be having absolutely no trouble getting the grip of it right away.

She jumped at her new job faster than any of her predecessors, and she recorded a video message and sent it out to the nation on Inauguration Day. She met with the nominee for education secretary the very next day, and hosted the leaders of the two largest teaching unions at the White House. Oh, and she held an online conversation with more than 11,000 educators from all across the US.


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The Washington Post reports that Dr. Jill Biden’s impressive work so far is due to her handpicked East Wing team that has been planning and scheduling her every move very carefully. The 69-year-old also takes it upon herself to deviate from the script. For example, she was originally scheduled for her first official outing to take a tour to the District’s Whitman-Walker Health clinic to see how cancer patients were being supported during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, she realized that the National Guard members who were watching over the Capitol in last month’s riots were sleeping in a parking garage, so she made an unannounced stop to visit the group of National Guard members who were out in the cold.

“I just wanted to come today to say thank you to all of you for keeping me and my family safe. I know that you’ve left your home states. The Bidens are a National Guard family,” she told them, referring to Beau, their late son, who served in the Delaware Army National Guard.

First Lady Biden made it clear to everyone that she intends to take her job seriously within just a few days on the job, and she will be proactive in her role as the representative face of the administration.

She also continues her other job teaching English composition at Northern Virginia Community College.

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