“Dress For Respect” Shows How Often Women Are Being Touched Without Their Consent

“Dress For Respect” Shows How Often Women Are Being Touched Without Their Consent

The #MeToo movement was started in 2017, and it grew like nothing else on this planet! Ever since thousands of women shared their stories, many companies have been trying to address feminism and assault in their advertising campaigns. For example, the worldwide famous Swiss beverage company Schweppes teamed up with the Brazilian ad-agency Ogilvy and they created the “Dress For Respect”. The campaign aims to shed light on the harassment women face in Brazil, and it includes a dress that counts how many times a woman is being unwantedly touched in one night.

The dress is the first of its kind, and it has powerful sensors implemented in it.

The “Dress For Respect” campaign was made in order to shed light on the very serious issue of non-consensual touching in public, and the results were shocking.
As it turns out, 86% of the women in Brazil have been touched in clubs and bars without their consent, and the most common type of harassment is cat-calling, followed by staring, and commenting.
According to a poll, more than half of the women in Brazil experience unwanted contact at least once a year.

The men who were interviewed about the experiment, however, were very skeptical. One of the guys asked why would someone go out on a Thursday night just to dance, implying that women who go to nightclubs are looking for a partner. Other guys said that women were “just whining about everything”, even when the results of the dress showed something very different.

The results showed that the three volunteers, Juliana, Tatiana, and Luisa, were touched 157 times in the club in less than four hours, which equals to more than 40 touches an hour!

Men from the club were invited to watch the video of the experiment after the night was over, and they seemed really surprised of what was happening at the club.
One of them commented that “that’s so ridiculous”, and the others were pretty shocked.
This is the full commercial of the project:


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