Drinking Alcohol And Living Together Outside Marriage Becomes Legal In UAE

Drinking Alcohol And Living Together Outside Marriage Becomes Legal In UAE

The United Arab Emirates have just announced that drinking booze and living together outside of marriage will be allowed. To add to that, the so-called ‘honor sacrifices’ have been criminalized.
This is a major overhaul of the Islamic personal laws in the conservative country.
The country that has sought to bill itself as a Westernised destination for tourists and business people have decided to broaden the personal freedoms of people to reflect the changing profile of the country.
It’s believed that the reforms will boost the country’s economic and social standing and ‘consolidate the UAE’s principles of tolerance’.

Only minimal details of the reforms were announced by the state-run WAM news agency, and the government decrees behind the changes were explained in the state-linked The National.

The US helped with a historic deal to normalize the relations between the UAE and Israel, and it’s expected that the deal will bring an influx of Israeli tourists and new investments.

In other news, it’s expected that Dubai will get to host the World Expo in one of its skyscrapers.

The event is expected to bring more than 25 million visitors to the coutnry, but it has been taken back a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The National said that the changes will take immediate effect and they reflect the efforts of the country’s rulers to keep pace with the rapidly changing society at home.


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