Egyptian Christian Priest Tells Women To Cover Up Because They’ll Be “Judged”

Egyptian Christian Priest Tells Women To Cover Up Because They’ll Be “Judged”

Father Daoud Lamei is a parish priest of St Mark’s Church in Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt who recently sparked outrage among Christians in Egypt after he declared that any man who lets his wife leave home in “inappropriate clothes” will be “judged before God”. He told Christian women in Egypt to cover up, and he criticized them for wearing “racy clothes” to church.

He asked why are girls and women even coming to church if they’re wearing revealing and inappropriate clothes.

He added that she who does, will be judged, and he personally thinks that any man who agrees to his wife leaving her home in that way will be judged before God.

He made the comments when he marked Orthodox Easter on April 30.

He said that we don’t have to worry about racy clothes during Christmas because it’s cold, and he wants it to be cold always.

There are around 12% of Coptic Christians in the country with a population of 100 million, and his remarks sparked a mixed response from people in Egypt.
Many women criticized his strict tone, however, some praised him for giving guidelines to worshippers.

Many young women said that he is condemning them instead of explaining the appropriate dress code and attitude in a church in general.

This debate comes after a controversial online campaign called out for Christian women to “cover up so people can pray”.
And yet another campaign called out for Egyptian women to cover up for Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.


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