Eldest Son Shaves His Sister And Brother’s Hair After Finding Electric Razor

Eldest Son Shaves His Sister And Brother’s Hair After Finding Electric Razor

Stephanie Leigh is a mother of three that was in tears when she realized that her son Teddy had found their electric razor and got himself a haircut. Not only that, but the boy also decided to give his sister haircut, and his younger brother too.

The mother caught the whole “incident” on camera, and posted it on Instagram, and, expectedly, it has now become a global sensation.

The video begins when the mother says that it’s happening real time, and she’s crying because Teddy found the buzz cutter…

Eloise, the sister, stood beside the boy and she was checking up what he had done, but she looked unharmed. However, when she turned around we could see that Teddy left her with a shaved head and two tiny pigtails at either side of her hair.

Stephanie asked her daughter if she liked her new haircut, and the girl honestly answered: No.

When asked why did she let her brother shave her head, Teddy interjects and says that she wanted him to do that, so he did…

Stephanie says at the end that it’s only hair and it’s gonna grow back.

However, instead of shouting at them and being angry, Stephanie commended their honesty and explained to Teddy that honesty is good. It’s hair, it will grow back.

Watch the video for yourself below, and tell us what you think about Stephanie’s parenting methods in the comments below. How would you react if you saw your kid giving haircuts to your other kids?


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