Elephant Calf Collapses On Street From Exhaustion While Giving Rides To Tourists

Elephant Calf Collapses On Street From Exhaustion While Giving Rides To Tourists

A disturbing video from eastern Thailand has shaken the world recently, as it shows an exhausted baby elephant collapsing while tied to its mother at a tourist attraction.

The clip was recorded by an unnamed tourist at the Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens in Pattaya, and it shows the small one-year-old elephant fall to the ground while walking with its mother, who is carrying two tourists on her back.

One of the onlookers said that the elephant is tired, and it was then when the juvenile animal rolled on the ground and struggled to get up. The mother encouraged her baby to stand up, and the pair then rushed off in the elephant procession.

The woman who took the vide is a Filipino teacher who was visiting Thailand with friends, and she told Daily Mail that there are many more baby elephants tied with their mother and walking around with tourists at their backs who enjoy under the sun while the elephants are enduring pain.

A spokesperson for Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens has since stated that all of the elephants are healthy and treated very well, and if there’s a problem, they are treated by vets.

Check out the footage for yourself below:

The recent surge in “elephant tourism” has fueled global cruelty towards these majestic creatures, and a 2017 study by World Animal Protection discovered that more than 3,000 elephants are living under captivity across Southeast Asia.
Many of them are usually bound with chains less than 10-feet long, and they are made to stand on concrete floors next to loud roads and music while being ridden.


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