Ex-Mormon Church Leader Arrested For Taking Photos Of Woman In H&M Dressing Room

Ex-Mormon Church Leader Arrested For Taking Photos Of Woman In H&M Dressing Room

Former high-ranking Mormon Church leader has been charged in Nashville, Tennessee for unlawful photography after he was caught secretly taking photos of young women inside a dressing room in an H&M store.

Alondra Alcala is a woman that was prompted to enter the vacant stall by a man whom she thought worked at the store so she could try on clothes.

The 55-year-old Steven Murdock, however, wasn’t an H&M employee. So, while in a state of undress, Alcala noticed an iPhone angeled over the top portion and pointing at her. She immediately got dressed and she confronted Murdock in the next dressing room.

As it turns out, Murdock was the same man that directed her into the dressing room – violating her privacy.

Alcala has since told WSMV that Murdock opened the curtain and she confronted him. She kind of cornered him into the dressing room so he had no way out, took the phone of his hands and was able to have it. She also managed to watch him delete the photos of her he had taken before running off with his phone.

She felt disgusted after the incident and kept asking questions. However, things took a bizarre turn when Murdock’s wife came to his defense and she tried to persuade Alcala not to contact the authorities. She said that they both offered her if she could make a deal with them without involving law enforcement.

However, she refused to negotiate and called the police immediately. Once they showed up, they took Murdock into custody.
News outlets later discovered that he was, in fact, a prominent leader for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who made several appearances at congregations throughout Salt Lake City, Utah.

Murdock was eventually sentenced to one-year of supervised probation, and he was asked to forfeit his cellphone and undergo counseling.
After news of the incident broke out, church spokesman Eric Hawkings said that the onetime bishop and high councilor was removed from his role.


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