Exhausted Mom Begs For Her Husband’s Help In An Open Letter That Went Viral

Exhausted Mom Begs For Her Husband’s Help In An Open Letter That Went Viral

As any mom would tell you, taking care of the newborn baby is physically, spiritually, and mentally exhausting. The new parents have to dedicate themselves completely to the newborn, at least for the first four or five months of its life.

Having time for self-care during this chaotic period is unthinkable, and it goes the same about having time to be fully present with your partner.

Celeste Yvonne is a blogger and a mother of two, a toddler and a newborn. This extremely exhausted mother decided to write an open letter to her husband, in which she asked him for more help with their children. Her letter has gone viral since, and it paints the very real picture of moms who get stuck doing everything.

It also gives specific ways for parents to support each other, so we invite you to read it below:

Yvonne filmed a video after the open letter went viral on Facebook, and she answered the question most of the viewers had asked her: Did the letter work?

She answered that the letter absolutely worked, as communication works most of the time.


I appologize to the Writer/Mother in this story – but I am FURIOUS as I read this article!!! This is NOT a MARRIAGE. This is NOT a PARTNERSHIP. I DO NOT CARE HOW THINGS WERE DONE A CENTURY AGO – That is NOT RIGHT!!! You DO NOT have to DO IT ALL! You do NOT have to feel like a FAILURE to for asking for HELP! Taking CARE of the KIDS, FAMILY, HOME is TWO PEOPLE RESPONSIBILITY.

BTW – As a professional woman, I Traveled, Worked long hours and I was a MOM for two kids (one kid with Asperbergs). We knew that in order to keep our MENTAL Health and our MARRIAGE together, we had to be partners… I left the house before 5AM to start work early and be able to pick up kids by 3 or 4pm. My husband learned how to feed, dress and gets kids to daycare/school as necessary. In the evenings, I did homowork, sports, piano, etc with the kids. And my husband did dinner. THE POINT is that IT IS A PARTNERSHIP – THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION! PS – On the weekends, my husband had to STOP playing GOLF with the guys, and I had to give up my hobbies because WE had NEW RESPONSIBILITIES. PLEASE DO NOT BE VICTIM – MARRIAGE WILL NOT SURVIVE!

Words have power. Continually using the word “help” reinforces that the tasks are yours to perform and that he has no responsibility for them. A few years ago as a teacher I showed a video of a man sitting watching TV while his wife, baby on hip, cleaned around him. One girl said the father should help. A male student, usually very open-minded, said no, she was wrong. I was shocked, until he clarified. “Help,” he said, “means the father is doing his wife a favour. The father should do his share”, he continued. Out of the mouths of (14-year-old) babes. I cringe when people ask for help in jobs that should be shared, with reasonable consideration of the circumstances for each, of course.

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