Family Genes Are Amazing And These Photos Prove It

Family Genes Are Amazing And These Photos Prove It

When a baby is born, usually three cliché things are done immediately: announcing its gender to the world, counting the kid’s fingers and toes, and, inevitably, deciding which parts of his tiny body resemble more like his mother or father.

As science teaches us, the baby shares 50% of their DNA with each parent. We made you a collection of photos where DNA played its role and children look almost exactly like their parents.

Scroll down to see these photos and share your experiences below.

  1. Father And Son 35 Years Apart

2. Daughter in third grade and mother in second grade

3.  Mother and daughter with their firstborn sons, 41 years apart

4. Spot the difference between the dad and son images, 1976 and 2012 respectively

5. Father’s age — 33, son’s age — 38

6.  Father and son, 1991 and 2013

7. This mother and daughter look so much alike.

8. Mother and daughter, aged 2

9.  Mother and daughter, age 14

10.  Father (1987) vs Son (2017)

11. Mother’s and daughter’s portraits side by side

12.  His father passed away when he was 4, he looks exactly like him now.

13.  Father and son at the same age



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