Fans Defend Jason Momoa After Being Shamed For Having A “Dad Bod”

Fans Defend Jason Momoa After Being Shamed For Having A “Dad Bod”

The idea of taking their shirt off on the beach can be pretty daunting for a lot of men. The pressure to have an unattainable muscular physique on young men has increased, and more and more men fear that they don’t match up for the ideal (oh, welcome).

The internet trolls have directed their aim towards Aquaman himself – Jason Momoa.

The Game of Thrones actor has been enjoying his holiday in Venice, and a photo of him was posted online by US Weekly a few days ago. Many people started commenting that the 39-year-old has lost the abs, and he was accused of having a “dad bod”.

Check out the photo for yourself below:

His fans, however, were having none of it.

One of the followers wrote that Momoa looks like an above average fit man, and it’s not a “dad bod” if he doesn’t look like a Spartan Warrior.

A second commenter added that all the haters wish they looked half as good as Jason Momoa, while a third one wrote that they wished their husband’s “dad bod” was as good as Momoa’s.

Another fan wrote on Twitter that this is most definitely NOT a dad bod, but even if he DID have a dad bod, no one is allowed or even worthy to shame Jason Momoa, because he is Jason Momoa.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with dad bod, and there’s nothing worse than shaming someone for their body!


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