Female Paralympian Told That Her Briefs Were ‘Too Short’: ‘We are living in 2021, not the 18th century!’

Female Paralympian Told That Her Briefs Were ‘Too Short’: ‘We are living in 2021, not the 18th century!’

Olivia Breen is a two-time GB Paralympian that said female athletes shouldn’t be made to feel self-conscious of their competition outfits. The comments came after she was criticized over the length of her briefs.

The 24-year-old who suffers from cerebral palsy is set to compete at the Paralympics in Tokyo next month, and she was told by a female official after the long jump event at the English Championship in Bedford recently to be criticized about the length of her Adidas competition briefs.

The athlete also shared that other young female athletes had received similar comments.

This is what she told a local news outlet:

‘To be told that, it made me feel really cross. We can’t be told things like that. I’ve had messages from young girls saying they’ve burst into tears about it. It’s that self-confidence and self-esteem and that could break them.

‘For me it made me feel really cross and upset and frustrated. We are living in 2021, not in the 18th century.’

According to the Breen, athletes have their attire checked by officials before the competition to check if it’s within the rules.

Breen further explained that she had been wearing the same style of briefs for several years without complaint, and she was shocked when she was approached after the competition.

To make it worse, the 24-year-old shared that male athletes had been competing with their tops off, and were not told to cover up.
She brought the issue to light a few days ago, when she shared an Instagram story which you can check out below:

Adidas stood on Breen’s side and said that she’s an inspiration on and off the track, and it’s disappointing to see her judged on anything but her athletic performance.

‘We fully endorse her comments and hope they are taken onboard by the event organizers.’ – they further added.

Source: Daily Mail


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